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flexible, open source school management platform designed to make life better for teachers, students, parents and schools. Offers tools for planning, finance, scheduling and administration. Features Arabic language support, a more flexible Markbook, expense management, general and lockdown alarms, simple public account registration (for online schools), individual needs archiving, homepage Message Wall widget.


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Quicksilver at its bare minimum is an application launcher. However, it can be tweaked and customized to do almost any task with a few keystrokes.

eduTrac Student Information System

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eduTrac SIS is a free and open source student information system for higher education. With eduTrac SIS, you can manage faculty, staff, student information and more with ease.

RosarioSIS Student Information System

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RosarioSIS is an open source Student Information System (SIS). Entirely web based, it is powered by PHP and a PostgreSQL database.
Designed as a truly free alternative to Centre/SIS or openSIS, it offers a multilingual interface and extra modules like Student Billing, Discipline management and Moodle integration.

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