School Management Software

Free software with a focus on management of school administration


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flexible, open source school management platform designed to make life better for teachers, students, parents and schools. Offers tools for planning, finance, scheduling and administration. Features Arabic language support, a more flexible Markbook, expense management, general and lockdown alarms, simple public account registration (for online schools), individual needs archiving, homepage Message Wall widget.

eduTrac Student Information System

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eduTrac SIS is a free and open source student information system for higher education. With eduTrac SIS, you can manage faculty, staff, student information and more with ease.


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Can be used in conjunction with ProjectLibre Project Server
Current version includes:

  • Microsoft Project 2010 compatibility
  • Ribbon User Interface
  • Earned Value costing
  • Gantt chart
  • PERT graph
  • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) chart
  • Task usage reports
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart

Unizor Education

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I think, our high schools do not provide an adequate level of knowledge in such an important subject as mathematics. I am sure, many young students would welcome an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of this subject. I'd like to introduce you to my educational site Unizor, which is created with an idea to redirect studying mathematics from simple memorization of facts, usually forgotten immediately after passing an exam, towards development of intelligence, creativity and analytical thinking, which I consider the real purpose to study mathematics and important throughout the whole life, regardless of profession.

Texas A&M University in its newsletter has published a short article "Creative Minds Through the Art of Mathematics" about Unizor at

Unizor is completely free and has no advertising. Its sole purpose is to distribute knowledge in its purest form. Students can find it a valuable addition to a standard "one size fits all" course of mathematics in high school. Parents and supervisors of registered students will find it invaluable as a tool to facilitate an educational process that includes enrollment and exams for those they supervise. Unizor is open for expansion by other contributors, who in a controlled environment would like their educational program to be included in the Unizor curriculum as authors.

Java Stencil Report

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Java Stencil Report is a tool that makes writing grades, students evaluations, and school reports faster. A set of pre-defined sentences speeds up the writing process. It has a small vector graphics editor for creating a fully customizable print model, which allows you to print over any kind of school report format, but also export to PDF or PostScript. It is designed for schools, but can be used to write any kind of judgement.


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SparkleShare is a collaboration and sharing tool that is designed to keep things simple and to stay out of your way. It allows you to instantly sync with any Git repository you have access to.

It offers file storage, syncing capabilities for the cloud. It can be used in place of proprietary systems like Dropbox.
SparkleShare currently works on Linux and Mac. A Windows port and mobile device support are planned for the future.


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The Pentaho Open Source BI Suite Community Edition (CE) suite includes ETL, OLAP analysis, metadata, data mining, reporting, dashboards and a platform that allows you to create complex solutions to business problems.

Project Fedena

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Project Fedena is the open source school management system based on Ruby on Rails. It was initially developed by a team of developers at Foradian Technologies. The project was made open source by Foradian, and is now maintained by the open source community.

Developed on the Ruby on Rails frame work with MVC architecture. The application is composed of a basic module which satisfies all the necessary requirements of a simple SIS. There are lot of add on modules which can be installed easily to extend the power and usability.


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Edu-sharing is an inter-connectable repository system for the co-operative creation, management and usage of learning and knowledge content. It is based on open source software. Each repository can be embedded in applications such as authoring systems or learning environments.


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TCExam is a free source Computer-Based Assessment software system for electronic exams (also known as E-assessment, Computer-Based Testing or e-exam) that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on quizzes, tests and exams. It is somewhat parallel to the written format test systems which are conducted in traditional educational institutions and helps the trainers or online tutors to design their assignments and deliver them in the form of surveys, exams, tests and quizzes.


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