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This is a collection of learning management systems (LMS) A term that is interchangeable with this LMS is Course management systems (CMS.) This type of software is rapidly growing in popularity as an effective way of teaching collaborative learning in classrooms.


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ILIAS (Integriertes Lern-, Informations- und Arbeitskooperations-System, German for Integrated Learning, Information and Work Cooperation System) is an open source web-based learning management system (LMS). It supports learning content management (including SCORM 2004 compliance) and tools for collaboration, communication, evaluation and assessment.

Chamilo LMS

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Chamilo is a learning management system focusing on ease of use, re-usability, collaboration and sharing.

A piece of software that allows you to create a virtual campus for the provision of online or semi-online training.


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Safe Exam Browser is a webbrowser-environment to carry out online exams safely. The software changes any computer into a secure workstation. It regulates the access to any utilities like system functions, other websites and applications and prevents unauthorised resources being used during an exam.


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Gobby is a free and open source application where multiple users can log into the same ‘session’ to collaborate on text documents with one another.  Gobby is similar to Goole Docs in that more than one individual can work collaboratively on the same document at the same time.  Each user is identified by a different color.  This allows the all users to distinguish what changes are being made and who is making them.  Not only can multiple users edit at the same time, but multiple documents can be collaborated on simultaneously.  These documents are separated individually where users can tab between the documents.  For convenience, Gobby is accessible for various platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux).


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KOrganizer is a great organizational tool that combines a calendar, to-do lists, agenda, and journal in one.  It’s like having a personal assistant to remind you of important events, things to do, and even take notes for you to reference later.  KOrganizer allows users to customize the default view to have an expand their to-do lists, journals, agendas, or simply your monthly calendar.  When viewing in calendar view, users can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly views.  When viewing in monthly calendar mode, KOrganizer allows you to see the following month in addition to the current one.  This is useful when planning upcoming events and preparing for what’s coming ahead.  If adding a to-do list, users not only specify various tasks to complete, but also designate its priority level, category, and percent completed.  Agendas are helpful to keep individuals on task by laying out your day’s schedule and activities.  Lastly, the journal is used to simply jot down notes, thoughts, and reminders.  KOrganizer also allows you to add attachments and web links to reference at a later time.  Overall, KOrganizer is a good resource to have to manage personal events.


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Can be used in conjunction with ProjectLibre Project Server
Current version includes:

  • Microsoft Project 2010 compatibility
  • Ribbon User Interface
  • Earned Value costing
  • Gantt chart
  • PERT graph
  • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) chart
  • Task usage reports
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart

Unizor Education

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I think, our high schools do not provide an adequate level of knowledge in such an important subject as mathematics. I am sure, many young students would welcome an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of this subject. I'd like to introduce you to my educational site Unizor, which is created with an idea to redirect studying mathematics from simple memorization of facts, usually forgotten immediately after passing an exam, towards development of intelligence, creativity and analytical thinking, which I consider the real purpose to study mathematics and important throughout the whole life, regardless of profession.

Texas A&M University in its newsletter has published a short article "Creative Minds Through the Art of Mathematics" about Unizor at

Unizor is completely free and has no advertising. Its sole purpose is to distribute knowledge in its purest form. Students can find it a valuable addition to a standard "one size fits all" course of mathematics in high school. Parents and supervisors of registered students will find it invaluable as a tool to facilitate an educational process that includes enrollment and exams for those they supervise. Unizor is open for expansion by other contributors, who in a controlled environment would like their educational program to be included in the Unizor curriculum as authors.


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Since its inception, Open-Sankoré was designed for and with users/teachers. Thanks to a team composed of specialists and developers, this application to each on a DIT came into being. With an ergonomic interface, it combines the simplicity of traditional teaching tools with the advantages provided by teaching ICTs. Automatic document backup prevents the loss of data. The subtle integration of external components such as those derived from the web or screen captures prevents having to systematically juggle applications and tiring the audience.


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OLAT is an acronym for Online Learning And Training. It is a web application – a so called Learning Management System that supports any kind of online learning, teaching, and tutoring with few educational restrictions. OLAT is free software and is open source.


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Dokeos is a company dedicated to open source Learning Management Systems. Its main product is a SCORM-compliant open source learning suite used by multinational companies, federal administrations and universities.

Dokeos operates on a professional open-source business model based on open code, community development, professional consulting, quality-assurance services, and subscription-based customer support.


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