KOrganizerby justinla updated December 4, 2013
Task/Calendar/Agenda/To-Do List Manager

Software Details

KOrganizer is a great organizational tool that combines a calendar, to-do lists, agenda, and journal in one.  It’s like having a personal assistant to remind you of important events, things to do, and even take notes for you to reference later.  KOrganizer allows users to customize the default view to have an expand their to-do lists, journals, agendas, or simply your monthly calendar.  When viewing in calendar view, users can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly views.  When viewing in monthly calendar mode, KOrganizer allows you to see the following month in addition to the current one.  This is useful when planning upcoming events and preparing for what’s coming ahead.  If adding a to-do list, users not only specify various tasks to complete, but also designate its priority level, category, and percent completed.  Agendas are helpful to keep individuals on task by laying out your day’s schedule and activities.  Lastly, the journal is used to simply jot down notes, thoughts, and reminders.  KOrganizer also allows you to add attachments and web links to reference at a later time.  Overall, KOrganizer is a good resource to have to manage personal events.


KOrganizer Review
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How will I use it?
At work I use Google Calendar as a method to organize my monthly events.  In addition to this calendar, tend to waste a lot of post it notes writing down simple reminders.  Although I’m completely reliant on Google Calendar to keep track of my daily activities, it lacks in the areas of having a journal that I can use as a notepad and a to-do list so I can make sure I’m accomplishing all of my assigned duties.  Yes, although writing down reminders on post it notes can accomplish these tasks, it’s simply inefficient and wasteful to have unorganized notes all over my desk.  If implementing KOrganizer at work, I believe I’d be replacing my current method of using Google Calendar and post it notes with one application that can do it all.  Hopefully, KOrganizer can help me simplify my work day and allow me to concentrate on the tasks ahead.  

Why did I choose this?
KOrganizer was chosen for the following various reasons:
-all-in-one application
-minimizing the need for multiple tools and resources on different platforms
-staying organized and on task
-useful for various aged individuals to manage personal, school, and/or work related tasks and reminders