Gobbyby justinla updated December 4, 2013
Collaborative Editing Tool

Software Details

Gobby is a free and open source application where multiple users can log into the same ‘session’ to collaborate on text documents with one another.  Gobby is similar to Goole Docs in that more than one individual can work collaboratively on the same document at the same time.  Each user is identified by a different color.  This allows the all users to distinguish what changes are being made and who is making them.  Not only can multiple users edit at the same time, but multiple documents can be collaborated on simultaneously.  These documents are separated individually where users can tab between the documents.  For convenience, Gobby is accessible for various platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, and Linux).


Gobby Review
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How will I use it?
Gobby can be used in my work environment as a collaborative tool to gather feedback, insight, and suggestions on text documents with fellow staff members. As mentioned previously, the office's current method of collaborating is by creating a document/form and then circulating this around to other staff members for input. Depending on each individual's work load, this process can be a time consuming and tedious to simply gain feedback from the necessary personnel. Gobby will allow for individuals to add comments and suggestions simultaneously – thus improving work efficiency.

Why did I choose this?
Gobby was chosen for the following various reasons:
-foster collaboration amongst staff members
-work on multiple documents at the same time
-more efficient method of group discussions throughout the day
-option to operate on different operating systems
-useful for individuals of all ages