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Lucida is the next generation of Sirius, the first open source intelligent personal assistant that was developed by Clarity Lab at the University of Michigan. Lucida is a speech and vision based intelligent personal assistant.


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Mopidy is an extensible music server that plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using a range of MPD and web clients.

Mycroft AI

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Mycroft is an open source voice assistant that can be extended and expanded to the limits of your imagination. Want Mycroft to do something new? Teach Mycroft a skill, share it, and improve the experience for tens of thousands of people all over the world.


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Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.

SQL Ledger

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SQL-Ledger® is a webbased ERP system which runs on any *NIX, Mac or Windows platform. Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used.
SQL-Ledger® ERP is a double entry accounting/ERP system. Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used. The entire system is linked through a chart of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to income, expense, inventory and tax accounts. When items are sold and purchased the accounts are automatically updated.


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ILIAS (Integriertes Lern-, Informations- und Arbeitskooperations-System, German for Integrated Learning, Information and Work Cooperation System) is an open source web-based learning management system (LMS). It supports learning content management (including SCORM 2004 compliance) and tools for collaboration, communication, evaluation and assessment.

Chamilo LMS

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Chamilo is a learning management system focusing on ease of use, re-usability, collaboration and sharing.

A piece of software that allows you to create a virtual campus for the provision of online or semi-online training.


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Safe Exam Browser is a webbrowser-environment to carry out online exams safely. The software changes any computer into a secure workstation. It regulates the access to any utilities like system functions, other websites and applications and prevents unauthorised resources being used during an exam.


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If you're looking for the most lightweight browser based on a modern web engine, this is it. Since it's based on webkit, it provides support for modern web technologies such as JavaScript, SVG, AJAX, etc.

Includes the WKCCC shared library for embedding WebKit. You can create your own front ends for WKCCC using any screen library you prefer (FLTK, SDL, etc.) or use it with command line applications. You can also convert web pages to graphics with it. WKCCC includes a command line version of JavaScript that can be used for cross-platform scripting or other purposes.

Adblock Plus

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Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on the web by default: video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and much more.
Simply install Adblock Plus to your browser (it is available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera) or your Android smartphone or tablet and all intrusive ads are automatically removed from any website you visit.
Adblock Plus is an open source project created by Wladimir Palant in 2006. Eyeo was founded in 2011 by Wladimir Palant and Till Faida to make its development sustainable.


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