SchoolToolby SchoolForge updated September 20, 2011
SchoolTool is a customizable, extensible and translatable suite of free administrative software for schools.

Software Details

SchoolTool is a customizable, extensible and translatable suite of free administrative software for schools.

The standard installation of SchoolTool includes:

Customizable student and teacher demographics and other personal data;
Contact management for teachers, students and their guardians;
Teacher gradebooks;
Schoolwide assessment data collection and report card generation;
Class attendance;
Calendars for the school, groups, and individuals;
Resource booking;
Tracking and management of student interventions.

SchoolTool is particularly well suited for deployment in the developing world, with strong support for translation, localization and automated deployment and updates via the Ubuntu Linux installer and package management system.

SchoolTool is based on a completely free software stack, from the operating system, to the development tools, to the application itself


Very useful tools for your school
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SchoolTool is a web-based student information system to support teachers and school administrators. It provides various features including student/teacher demographic information, gradebooks, class attendance, daily participation grades, and school-wide assessments. UI of this seems little tricky. For example, you have to select a school year to search student and teachers. It appears that all objects are hierarchically structures, so you always need to select a parent object first, i.e., select a course; then select a course worksheet. Once data is entered, the system can generate various reports such as student report cards. Reports can be customized to meet your needs.
If you have used Ubuntu, installation is very easy. You can download install the software from Ubuntu software center or apt-get command. However, it is a basic Python-based web application, so it should be able to run in other platforms such as RedHat. I recommend installing a sample data, which includes two academic terms of data and is very helpful to try the system. While it is possible to set up and try the software on your desktop PC, please note that you would need to someone who have functional knowledge of web server administrations such as Apache, LDAP, SSL, and DNS if you are going to run this application for your school.
This software provides useful functions to support your school. However, it will take some time to understand how this application works and need to customize this application to fit your institutional needs.