Open Admin for Schoolsby SchoolForge updated September 20, 2011
Open Admin for Schools is a School Administration Program.

Software Details

Open Admin for Schools is a School Administration Program. It is a freely available, open source software package and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

It is entirely web based and can run from a centrally located division wide server or a single computer in a school. It is designed to support an entire division on one or more central computers but can also work just fine for a single school. Currently several school divisions use this approach and have 15+ schools on a single central server. This is because it is designed to be lightweight both in server resource requirements and in communication bandwidth.

It currently has the following features:

1. Demographics
2. Attendance
3. Discipline
4. Report Card System
5. Online Gradebook
6. A Transcript System to print student transcripts
7. A Fees System (along with Lunch program)
8. Parent/Student Viewing scripts
9. IEP (Special Needs) Site
10. Export/Import Modules
11. Saskatchewan SDS support for direct XML transfers of student demographic, subject and enrollment marks to provincial authorities.
12. An Online Daybook to allow teachers to plan and view their lessons/days.
13. Upcoming: A Single site SSL installation to allow a school to run OA securely on a single website.


It is built entirely with freely available open source tools and comes with complete source code. The entire application is written in Perl and stores information in a MySQL SQL or PostgreSQL database. The perl programs, being interpreted, are readily accessible and can easily be changed to suit a school's needs. They are also quite small and designed to be changed if necessary

Printed output is of very high quality since OA generates all PDF output using the TeX/LaTeX typesetting system.

It has been extensively tested on several different Linux distributions (which by default have all required software installed except for additional perl modules). All required software is freely available. The software is very low maintenance and multiple servers can be centrally managed. It has also been run on a MS-Windows server (since the main tools are also available on this platform), but this requires extra work (and expense) to maintain.

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