Spotterby lmemsm updated February 3, 2012
Web based math and science quiz program.

Software Details

Spotter is a program that lets students check their answers to math and science questions. It handles symbolic as well as numerical answers. For the student, the benefit of the system is that it
can not only tell whether the answer is correct, but it can also help to
diagnose an incorrect answer.


Operating Systems: computer with web server and Perl
Dependencies: Perl, web browser with JavaScript


Good Read
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1. Spotter
If you are looking for a book on physics, this could be an option. While I thought it would be more interactive, it is just your basic textbook online with the answer program called, “spotter”. The suggest class is freshman but I would put it a little bit further down the range, say junior. But to be fair, I am not an educated assessor. There are two viewing options: PDF and HTML. The pdf is version is better for printing. There are seven book options. Each has a different approach to physics. Navigation of the pages is cumbersome. You have to hit the back button in order to return to the previous pages rather than a hyperlink. I would recommend this if you are looking for a book and want thorough, detailed questions and answers.