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ClaSS is the ClaSS Student System.

Software Details

ClaSS is the ClaSS Student System.
A complete student tracking, reporting and information management system. ClaSS extends the reach of traditional systems by using the latest in web-application methodologies to include the whole school community. ClaSS aims to be the ubiquitous classroom information assistant for schools.


You need a web-server with MySQL and PHP installed and configured. It is assumed the server is Apache running on Linux and all the documentation for ClaSS will assume that. There is no reason why ClaSS could not be made to work with some other server stack, if you do manage it then please consider adding some documentation to help others.

In addition, the PEAR libraries for PHP are used. The PEAR:DB package is essential. The PEAR:XML_Serializer package is also needed if you intend to use any of the ClaSS features that use XML such as printing reports. See Question Section 1.4 if your unsure about installing PEAR.

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