BlueGriffonby lmemsm updated July 12, 2012
The next-generation Web Editor

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BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, it's a modern and robust solution to edit Web pages in conformance to the latest Web Standards.


WYSIWYG and source code go hand in hand.
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Star Rating. I cannot honestly give BlueGriffon a 5 star rating, mostly because I have not used all of it's features. The only thing I have done with the application is open up a working html file, and make simple edits to the code to see if BlueGriffon would point out syntax errors. I did add content to a blank file using the WYSIWYG, but it was only pictures and some text. While not using the application to it's fullest capabilities, I will still give BlueGriffon a 4 star rating. For the tasks that I tried to accomplish, I did not have any issues with the application and it was not difficult or confusing to find what I needed.

My review. I am an Educational Technology Masters student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. My experience working with BlueGriffon is limited, but I have used Adobe Dreamweaver much more for some professional work. BlueGriffon and Dreamweaver are very similar web editors and their basic functions/user interface resemble one another. While I hav used this application for personal and professional projects, my review comes from an educational one.

Using BlueGriffon. As mentioned, I did not explore BlueGriffon to it's fullest extent. What I normally use Dreamweaver for is making edits to website code when I am normally not able to in other web-designing applications. The beauty of Dreamweaver (and I found also in BlueGriffon) is that it will point out syntax errors in your code if there are any. When creating any sort of code in my web-design application, like WordPress, I may have issue with the code not doing what it is supposed to. These errors in code are not easy to spot, especially if you are not a programmer by nature. I am not a programmer, but more of a designer who needs to use code once in a while. Sometimes you want to affect design changes to a project, but cannot be done unless you change the code of the object or page you are working with. BlueGriffon allows me to open up a document and view the code within it's code editor. It will highlight in red for me, what syntax errors I have and allow me to seek them out without having to decipher the complexity that is the coding language. This application does allow users to create a very basic web page in html by using the WYSIWYG editor. Great for novice users and those who just want simple content to share online with others. You don't need to code as long as you don't need complex, over the top designed websites.

Troubleshooting. I used the Apple version of this application. The install was just like many other Apple based programs, drag and drop into the Applications folder. That is all it takes and you are ready to start working with BlueGriffon. The interface is simple and lays out all the main functions with small icons at the top of the window. These functions allow you to manipulate your web page like a word-processing document while in the WYSIWYG window. If you want to switch to the source code, it is a simple tab click on the bottom of the screen. As long as you know how to use a web-designing editor, BlueGriffon is very easy to work with and manage. No issues encountered while working with this application.

Recommendation. The application itself is laid out in a very easy to use workspace. Because you can view the source code with the click of a tab, this would be a great application to start any learner on website design. Web design in itself may be a bit complicated for younger learners in elementary, but basics could be taught to middle school learners and higher. As simple as typing text in the WYSIWYG editor and sharing the code with learners is a great way to teach the basics of coding in html. Unlike Dreamweaver and other Adobe applications, BlueGriffon is not nearly as intimidating and easier to handle for students and instructors who want to learn more about web-design and website coding.