GLEby lmemsm updated November 23, 2011
GLE, the graphics layout engine, is a scripting language for drawing figures, diagrams and graphs.

Software Details

GLE (Graphics Layout Engine) is a graphics scripting language designed for creating publication quality figures (e.g., a chart, plot, graph or diagram). GLE supports various chart types (including function plot, histogram, bar chart, scatter plot, contour plot, color map and surface plot) through a simple but flexible set of graphing commands. More complex output can be created by relying on GLE's scripting language which is full featured with subroutines, variables and logic control. GLE relies on LaTeX for text output and supports mathematical formulea in graphs and figures. GLE's output formats include EPS, PS, PDF, JPEG and PNG. GLE is licenced under the BSD license. QGLE, the GLE user interface, is licenced under the GPL license.

The application can be used via command line or via GUI interface.


Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, BSD, OS/2
Screen libraries: Qt or command line interface

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