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Here you will find a directory of free, libre and open source software for the Apple OSX platform. Schools and educators may find open educational resources in the form of Apple OSX software that is useful in the classroom.

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A free, GPL, non-interactive software package for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data. It was developed in a Unix/C environment and runs on various Unix, Linux and win32 systems. ploticus is good for automated or just-in-time graph generation, handles date and time data nicely and has basic statistical capabilities.


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With XMind, you can just double-click to create and edit topics anywhere on the map. Drag-and-drop for reorganizing topics, moving markers, taking a mapshot, and adding attachments. You can even search on topic with Google and drag images into your map without leaving the working window.


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A display of the periodic table of elements. Includes search, timeline of when elements were discovered. Double click on an element to bring up more details about such as atomic number, mass, etc., view electron arrangement or search online for more information.


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nomacs is a free image viewer. It's small, fast and able to handle the most common image formats including RAW images. Additionally, it is possible to synchronize multiple viewers. A synchronization of viewers running on the same computer or via LAN is possible. It allows one to compare images and spot the differences.


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It's a unique wiki that people love using to keep ideas and information organised.
TiddlyWiki is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to run on any reasonably modern browser without needing any Server Side logic. It allows anyone to create personal Self-Contained hypertext documents that can be published to a Web Server, sent by email, stored in a DropBox or kept on a USB thumb drive to make a WikiOnAStick. Because it doesn't need to be installed and configured, it makes a great GuerillaWiki.


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SparkleShare is a collaboration and sharing tool that is designed to keep things simple and to stay out of your way. It allows you to instantly sync with any Git repository you have access to.

It offers file storage, syncing capabilities for the cloud. It can be used in place of proprietary systems like Dropbox.
SparkleShare currently works on Linux and Mac. A Windows port and mobile device support are planned for the future.


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Sigil is a free and open source editor for the EPUB format. It is designed for easy, WYSIWYG editing of EPUB files and for converting other formats to EPUB. It also provides features for advanced users, like direct XHTML, CSS and XPGT editing. You can use it to add any of the metadata entries supported by the EPUB specification and create a hierarchical Table of Contents.

The editor works on all three major platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Sigil is a work in progress, and as such is still missing many features. If you have the programming skills, you can directly contribute to its development. Even if you don’t, just using Sigil and reporting any bugs or missing features on the issue tracker will go a long way towards making it a better application for everyone.

Baker framework

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The Baker E-book Framework allows designers and developers to turn fixed-width HTML5 pages into an e-book format and publish the finished product. After that, all you need to do is follow the App Store submission guidelines, and you’re on your way to e-book greatness.

To design for the Baker Framework, simply build HTML5 pages with a fixed width of 768 pixels. You can test your HTML versions on an iPad using the Safari browser and iterate accordingly.

Don’t own an iPad? No problem. You can even test your e-book in a regular web browser without an iPad; just download the 768px-support ZIP file from Baker’s site.

E-book files are then packaged in the HPub format. You give Baker one folder containing all your HTML files and other materials, named 1.html, 2.html, etc. The HPub format is still under development; the developers on this project say the final format won’t require every page to be named in this way.

Finally, you download the Baker Framework, rename the Xcode project and include your book and icon. At that point, your e-book is ready for App Store submission.


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Mathomatic is a portable, command-line computer algebra system (CAS) written entirely in the C programming language. The software can automatically solve, simplify, combine and compare algebraic equations, perform standard, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic, etc. It does some calculus and is very easy to compile/install, learn and use. Mathomatic consists of a text-mode symbolic math application and library suitable for desktops, servers, handhelds and embedded systems. It compiles and runs under any operating system with a C compiler, including Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and MS-Windows. An operating system is not required for using the symbolic math library and there are no dependencies other than the standard C libraries. The mathematical results should always be correct, simple, and beautiful.

The official Mathomatic website provides download of various versions of Mathomatic, plus a place to read the documentation, learn by example and get free support.

Can also be run as a web service. To run this from the web and access with a browser, see


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Commonly referred to as GRASS, this is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/map production, spatial modeling and visualization. GRASS is currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world as well as by many government agencies and environmental consulting companies.


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