Monocleby lmemsm updated January 30, 2012
A silky, tactile browser-based ebook reader.

Software Details

The Monocle Reader makes digital books available for everyone. You can embed a ‘book’ on any webpage with two lines of code — one to include the library, one to initialize the reader. Monocle is approximately 25kb gzipped and has no dependencies on external JavaScript libraries.

Monocle aims for full support of all browsers with a W3C-compliant CSS column module implementation. Monocle makes use of the following browser technology support: CSS Multi-Column Layout, W3C DOM Level 2 Event Model, CSS 2D Transforms (better: 3D Transforms, even better: hardware acceleration). Monocle has a particular focus on mobile devices. Monocle either supports or is trying to support:
iOS 3.1+, Android 2.0+, Blackberry 6, Kindle 3

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