GeoGebraby lmemsm updated November 14, 2011
GeoGebra is interactive geometry software for educational purposes.

Software Details

Free mathematics software for learning and teaching

  • Interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet
  • From elementary school to university level
  • Free learning materials

You may use and distribute GeoGebra free of charge at home, in school and universities under their licensing conditions. If you would like to use GeoGebra applets, installers, or documentation for commercial purposes, you'll need to contact the project and arrange permission.

Portable versions available at the project's web site.


Operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, OLPC
Dependencies: Java


Great Way to Conceptualize
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4. Geo Gebra
Geo Gebra is a tool to plot out points on a grid. It allows you to plot several of the points and see what alternating the slope will do to the both the equation and the line. You can input points or draw a shape and the program will give you the equation.. You can enter multiple points. You can also enter an equation to see what the line or figure will be. The program is set up similar to a Microsoft program with File, Edit. Options and Tools. You can draw multiple lines on one graph. You can also save your work. It needs to be installed on your computer. It would be a great tool for students when they can not conceptualize the figure from the equation.

GeoGebra is designed to be an
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GeoGebra is designed to be an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus program. It allows users to plot shapes, create charts and graphs and interact with different models. While the program touts itself to be designed for elementary through university level students, it lends itself more to the high school and university level. The GeoGebra site is very professional and has a wealth of resources and tutorials. It is well thought out and designed and would be useful to any geometry teacher.

Average: 4 (1 vote)

This program would be good for older kids possibly 6th grade and above. It was easy to install and started right up. This program allows you to plot out points on a grid, plot points and draw line segments, draw multiple sided figures, and measure angles. You can also put in an equation and it will draw the line or figure for you. Then after you’re done you can save all your work. It has fantastic visuals for students. This program is very well developed and can be extremely useful with older kids. I gave it 4 stars because it seems like it would be a little above my students heads.