Axon Systemby axon.rb updated December 4, 2013
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Project Details

Axon system is value based company where we believe human first, integrity within and long lasting sustainability as our vision. Inspired from Linden Lab, Monty AB and Andy Law, we share some of our core belief like them.

Primarily, we focus on transparency, cost effective ICT and Business solutions for diverse range of our clients from social service sector to pure commercial entities. We believe and live by Open Business principles. Open business represents a concept of doing business in a transparent way by intimately integrating an ecosystem of participants, collaborating in public space. Open business structures make contributors and non-contributors visible such that the business benefits are distributed accordingly.

They activate personal engagement and productivity by benefiting the contributors and producers that they can live from it and helping the clients to reduce their costs. Thus, we constantly work towards maximizing the benefits towards our clients and deliver the best of possible technologies. It is for the same that we have been recognized as AGENT FOR CHANGE by National Business Initiative and covered by Business 360 as open business promoting entrepreneureship in Nepal.

Our Physical Existance: Khumaltar Height, Lalitpur Nepal PO Box: 4363