Advocating Creativity Ltd (ace-d)by kevin updated December 4, 2013
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I am looking for groups in which to share, explore and develop ideas about learning.
My main concept is that how we learn depends on how we manage our learning environment. We all have learning needs (different to learning styles or multiple intelligences) and how well we manage our learning environment to meet these needs, I believe, has a direct impact on how well we learn. I also believe that our past learning experiences have an influence over what we try to learn and how we approach learning. I call this concept "LEarning Quotient" (LQ)or learning intelligence. I believe we can develop LQ once we are aware of our learning needs and existing "programming" and overcome many of the limitations we self impose and develop our full potential.

As a technologist, somebody who taught design and IT for many years (over 32), I am aware of how the approach to developing systems and a design process can be used in developing LQ. I am also aware of how software could change the learning environment if it was designed in a suitable fashion. I have worked in the past with software developers to design Computer AIded Design systems for use in schools and know that if you get the approach right it can be a powerful tool in helping learners re map their learning profile and open up new worlds. A simple example of my own experience would be word processors which have helped me to express my ideas.

I want to bring the concept of LQ to as wide an audience as I can and work with people to develop tools that will help people explore and develop their own LQ.

I have a website which gives examples of my work ( and a blog ( which I post and about topics and invite discussion. There are several articles about LQ and these will grow over the coming months as I publish one a week covering aspects of LQ.

I hope this group will help me to develop and identify the software ideas to support LQ.

LQ is the key for many limited learners to realise their true potential - if we can reach them and their teachers.


Denton, Northampton UK