Thin Client Solution for classroom computersby SchoolForge updated September 20, 2011

How things got started...

The problem I am addressing is making use of legacy machines stock piled in some schools, going unused. Most of these machines were donated and came with "wiped" hard drives and no software. I will pilot a thin client solution and legacy Pentium 1's and higher.

Why Free Software?

It's available at no cost. Only major cost would be for the server. But even more importantly the worldwide support. The thin client solutions offers a one-point of maintenance. Only server needs to be touched in upgrades or troubleshooting is needed.

The plan...

Creating a K12Linux thin client computing environment with a Dell PowerEdge 1300 PIII 800 MHz, 1 GB RAM, 9 GB, and 2-NICs. Clients are legacy Pentium 1 PCs. 5 clients in total will be used.


Looking for frequency of use. what it's used for, ie Web, Office, games, etc.
attitudes towards the setup...

The Future...

booting to the k12LTSP server from anywhere in the building...
and using K12ltsp to authenticate windows clients....need help with this

Digital Harbor High School
United States

Grade Range:High School
Submitted by:
Kevin Boone