Skolelinux thin client solutionby SchoolForge updated September 20, 2011

Why Free Software?

We wanted a full working thin-client system, security simplified the administrator jobs and we wanted a linux system in our school.

The plan...

The thin-client solution that we picked is Skolelinux. the clients are Intel P MMX 166, with no hard drive, and the server is a Intel P 4 3.8GH with 1GB RAM and a 80GB HD. We had to buy Network cards because the clients had ISA 10Mbps NIC's, which was a cost of about 40 euros for all the machines. The installation of the server was a very easy job to do which took only one hour, the problem that we had where with the greek fonts, which with some scripts written on the server now we can type latin and greek characters. once this problem had find it's solution the system is working very well with no major problems.


The system does everything it is expected from it. The administration job is zero on the skolelinux system, the clients are providing no problems, and even teachers with no computer experience can use the lab with great success. As administrator i don't spent much time in lab, which is the opposite for the w2k labs. students can use the OSS programs and getting a greater image for the Informatics Science.

The Future...

the goal is to provide students and teacher with accounts so they can access the system remotely from their homes and continue their jobs.

Created: May, 2006
Tecnological Lyceum of Naplio, Greece

Submitted by:
Kondylis Giannis