Free software used in teaching first grade students to read, write and speak digits and lettersby SchoolForge updated September 20, 2011

How things got started...

Experiment with a speech recognition at the first grade. The Penguin is teaching kids to read, write and speak digits and letters. (photos) Some video clips from experiment> Now Penguin helps children learn to read. Video from experimental using of Reading tutor> GCompris is also very useful tool to educate kids with interesting form. Video - kids learns about water cycle... Thanks to my students GCompris was extended to teach children writing. Photos from the last visit>. (2008.02.08) I am using same 8 computers (+ 1 quite new one as a server) with Fedora 7 Linux . I made a little progress with the experimental software. Actual videos can be seen here.

Why Free Software?

Better accessibility and development. Cheaper realisation. Slovakia is a very small marketplace and therefore commercial education application developers don't localize their software. In generally, it is used English versions or (sometimes) Czech versions at Slovak schools. But problem is with small children what are just learning to read and write. They can't use not localized software. If the ministry of education want to buy localization making it will be too expensive. But open source linux applications (GNU/GPL, ...) put it in an other situation. The localization process don't need very high programmer skills and Linux has good tools to make it. (For example GCompris, thanks localization possibility, can be used in many states in 1st grades).

The plan...

Sound management problem. Especially recording. It could be good if the existing sound deamons could record sound from a microphone. The artsd can play sound from remote computer - fast application server. (export Older computers are used as X-terminals. It is very useful for the remote gcompris.

Created: Oct, 2006
Elementary school, Černyševského street
Slovak Republic

Grade Range:Elementary
Submitted by:
Marek Nagy