Book: Energizing Education Through Open Sourceby cdwhittum updated March 3, 2013

I'm Working on a book entitled Enerygizing Education Through Open Sources. I will be submitting it for publication later this month. In this book, I discuss Edubuntu and UberStudent Linux distributions, proposed curriculum integration, productivity applications, student information and course management software and educational software. The educational software is organized according to core curriculum. There is a veritable ocean of free, open source education-related applications available. In my book, I address over 80 of them. The goal of this book is to create an awareness in the minds of educators that there are inexpensive, functional alternatives to the expensive proprietary applications that they are currently using. In terms of this being a case study, I guess what I want to know is what educators know about open source software.

Here is the web site for this book:

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