Anagramaramaby lmemsm updated December 8, 2011
Educational game for finding anagrams.

Software Details

The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and you'll advance to the next level.
Multi Lingual Dictionaries mean that you can play in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and more... International translation effort underway right now. Please join the project to help out!
Being used in Africa, India and Brazil to teach help English and Portuguese to school kids.
Available for Linux, Windows and other systems.

Later fork available here:;a=summary


Operating systems: Windows, Linux
Screen libraries: SDL


Fun Way to Learn
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2. Anagramarama
This is a sweet interactive anagram game. If you forgot like I did, the anagram game gives a lot of letters to create words from – no two letter words allowed. This game gives you a list of placeholders for the words in alphabetical order so you can see what you are missing and what the word might start with and how long it would be. It is not easy, It gives you five minutes to create as many legitimate words as you can. It keeps score. It is fun if you like word games. Error free. It needs to be downloaded and installed as a program.